SimShaker Sound Module User Guide

SimShaker Sound Module is a pay-ware addon adding to SimShaker for Aviators software the capability of providing low frequency sound output to bass-shakers.

Important Note: SimShaker Sound Module works only with flight simulators, supported in SimShaker for Aviators software by f4l0. This add-on is not intended to be used along with Gametrix JetSeats.

System requirements

  • Operating System Windows 7 or higher;
  • dedicated sound card;
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 or higher installed* (natively installed in Windows 10);
* - visit our Downloads page.


To install the software please download setup file and run it.

You can find SimShaker Sound Module beta version installer here.

Since SimShaker Sound Module uses some network protocols, your Windows Firewall probably pops up security alert messages regarding this new application. I such a case please select "Allow access" option.


You can uninstall the software via Windows Control Panel - Programs and Features tool, using its Uninstall option.


The software is designed to update automatically. New version check performs at every SimShaker-Sound Module start. If new version is found, at the next start you will be prompted to install the update.

You can roll back the last update via legacy Windows Control Panel - Programs and Features tool, using its Change option. Some updates are required and may not be rolled back or skipped.

Transition from version of Sound Module

Since version 2.0 SimShaker Sound Module becomes a separate installation from its core SimShaker for Aviators software. In general, SimShaker Sound Module is pretty similar to its previous version, but and features some changes and improvements. You will likely want to re-adjust gain of some effects. If you used customized samples in version, please copy them to a correspondent 1 (mono configuration) or 2 (stereo configuration) subfolder in Documents\SimShaker Sound Module samples\Customized folder. Customized samples should be 48000 Hz sample rate, 16 bti PCM format, more than 22 msec length. Files with 44100 Hz sample rate will be automatically converted to 48000 Hz sample rate by SimShaker Sound Module. Please read also Advanced Setup section of this guide below.
If you need assistance with customized files transition, please, feel free to contact me.

Free Demo mode

In Demo mode only Ground Bumps and Stall Shudders effects are available. That lets you to check your hardware compatibility with SimShaker Sound Module.
Important Note: The Sound Module is a payware. You can buy the license to use its full set of effect here. To get an authorization key please follow directions on "Registration" tab of SimShaker Sound Module.

Using SimShaker  Sound Module with audio bass-shakers

Basic Setup

  1. Select your bass-shaker tied sound card in drop-down list at Settings tab. Generally it should be a dedicated one, to allow us not mix special low frequency sounds with game sounds.
  2. Press [Play] button to test low frequency sound output and setup a max level at your amplifier.
  3. Go test flight.

If you have your amplifier overloaded or clipping while SimShaker Sound Module produces several effects simultaneously, usually while stall or afterburner mode, try to enable Limiting Compressor option at Settings tab.

Most of controls  seems to be self-explaining (at least for me), so I'd like to comment only some of them.
Max. Channels number defines how much audio channels to conduct.
1 (mono) - default value, is suitable if you operate just 1 bass-shaker.
2 (stereo) -  suitable if you operate 2 bass-shakers. I assume that bass-shakers are placed left and right from the player. Out of the box SimShaker is configured for such placement. But that may customized by the player.
6 (or 5.1) - suitable if you operate from 3 to 6 bass-shakers. I assume that it mostly will be 4, placed on the corners of the player's rig. This option requires ASIO drivers for a sound card to be used (for instance, universal ASIO4All driver).

Limiting Compressor option allows to reduce a huge noise which Buttkicker GR2 may produce when clipping high level signals. Usually that occurs when more than on FXs are played simultaneously or gain sliders are set to high positions to emphasize "small details". Compressor reduces high level signals, keeping FXs with low level signals to be clearly "pronounced".

Tip: if you've got confused with all that technical stuff above you may ask me for some extra tech support.

Advanced Setup

Default set of sound samples is optimized for Buttkicker GR2 model, but it may be customized for other bass-shakers types and models by users and shared with other community members by any appropriate means. Samples must be 48000 Hz sample rate, 16 bti PCM format, more than 22 milliseconds length. Please see my two-step "how to" instructions on the pictures below.

Step 1. Making Sound Module to use customized samples (example for 2 channels configuration). Click to enlarge

Note: SimShaker Sound Module will load your customized files after restart. If no customized file found in the expected location, default file from sub-folders Base\1, or Base\2, or Base\6 will be used. You can see loaded customized samples in the text log records.

Step 2. Customizing sound samples in free Audacity editor. Click to enlarge
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Beta version

Beta version of SimShaker Sound Module is a separate piece of software, but it shares settings and activations with the main version. You can find SimShaker Sound Module beta version installer here.
Important note: Beta versions of the software may contain lot of errors and may not be fully backward compatible with the released version of SimShaker Sound Module. I consider the beta version to be used mostly if a person is experienced enough in computer area, to be able to help me in testing new features. If you are not sure, please, do not use beta versions, but use released (stable) versions of SimShaker Sound Module.


If you have any question left, please, contact me at Andre's.

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