SimShaker - Wings User Guide

SimShaker - Wings is a mediation software connecting a supported flight simulator game and Gametrix JetSeat/SimShaker JetPad or bass-shaker (transducers) hardware in order to provide immersing event driven vibration FXs (special effects). Currently Falcon BMS, War Thunder, AeroFly FS 2, IL-2 Great Battles, Condor 2 are supported. Support for some other flight simulators may be added later.

System requirements

  • Operating System Windows 8 or higher;
  • USB port or/and a dedicated sound card*;
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 or higher installed** (natively installed in Windows 10);
  • Gametrix JetSeat Control Panel software installed** if you want to use SimShaker with a Gametrix JetSeat as output device.
    * - sound card is required only if you want to use SimShaker with a bass-shaker(s) as output device;
    ** - visit our Downloads page.


    To install the software please download SimShaker - Wings setup file and run it. 

    Be aware that tech support is provided only for the latest version of SimShaker - Wings. If you've got a problem, please, first of all try to update the application.

    Demo period

    You can run SimShaker - Wingsup to 6 times by 20 minutes without activation.  After 20 minutes SimShaker - Wings will stop and you will need to restart it. Hence you will be able to test the application with your hardware and favorite game titles prior to purchase.


    To use SimShaker - Wings software you should buy a licence in Andre's e-Shop and activate the software. Shortly after the purchase I will provide you by e-mail with a Login-Key pair.
    If SimShaker - Wings main window is not started, you will want to open it by clicking Manual Start button at SimShaker-Wings Launcher window. In order to activate the software, press Activate Software button at SimShaker - Wings window, fill in Login and Key fields, accept End User Licence Agreement and press Activate button. Please check to be sure that after activation the button has become inactive and contains the text "Software is Activated".
    You are granted 5 activations. Each activation is tied to a particular personal computer (PC) and is valid for both beta and released version of the software. If you completely reinstall your operating system, you will need to activate the software again. If you have used up all activation granted, please contact me by any appropriate way to replenish it.
    In case of fraudulent use of the software, I may refuse your request and (or) invalidate activations granted.


    You can uninstall the software via Windows Control Panel - Programs and Features tool, using its Uninstall option.
    If you want to completely remove SimShaker - Wings from your PC for good, please, do also  following actions (warning - your current activation will be lost):
    1) Remove %LOCALAPPDATA%\SimShaker-Wings folder, containing settings, manually, as show at the picture below.
    2) If you had activated "Start Launcher with Windows" option, you may need to delete SimShaker - Wings shortcut in %USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp folder manually.
    3) If you've got Aerofly FS 2 installed, remove AFS2-SimShaker-Wings.dll  plugin from your Documents\Aerofly FS 2\external_dll folder.

    This example is for Windows 10. Click to enlarge the picture.


    The software is designed to automatically check for updates. Please pay attention to "Updates" section of SimShaker-Wings-Launcher window.

    Integration with supported games

    In some cases additional actions should be taken to integrate SimShaker software with a game.

    Falcon BMS, War Thunder Aviation

    Nothing to do here. Just launch and play.

    AeroFly FS 2

    To get telemetry data from the game AFS2-SimShaker-Wings.dll  plugin will be automatically added into your Documents\Aerofly FS 2\external_dll folder.
    To make this plugin work you need Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 or Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 package to be installed. You can download it from Microsoft web-site.

    IL-2 Great Battles

    To make the  IL-2 game to send the telemetry via UDP, please, insert 2 sections in game “data/startup.cfg” file as follows (see also a picture below):

    [KEY = motiondevice]
        addr = ""
        decimation = 2
        enable = true
        port = 29373

    [KEY = telemetrydevice]
        addr = ""
        decimation = 2
        enable = true
        port = 29373

    click to enlarge

    Condor 2

    File Program Files\Condor2\Settings\UDP.ini should be configured as follows (see also a picture below):


    Note: Essential for SimShaker - Wings params are bolded.

    click to enlarge

    For some games (Aerofly FS 2 for instance) a network UDP protocol is used to obtain game telemetry data. You should allow to add a firewall rule for SimShaker to receive network connections inside your PC. If the firewall is enabled, a prompt window should pop up when the game is started for the first time or after SimShaker was updated.

    SimShaker - Wings uses port 29373 to receive data.

    Click to enlarge the picture

    Tip: if you've got confused with all that technical stuff above or below, you could ask me for some extra tech support.

    Attention of Realteus ForceFeel pad users please: since Realteus ForceFeel pad is designed to be used only by one application at a time, please, do not keep ForceFeel Control Center running, otherwise SimShaker - Wings will not be able to connect to the pad.

    Customization of JetSeat vibration patterns

    SimShaker-Wings app is designed to look first for customized FX file in User Documents\SimShaker-Wings FXs\JetSeat\Customized folder. If the file not found, it will be loaded from User Documents\SimShaker-Wings FXs\JetSeat\Base folder. You should put in the 'Customized' folder only files you want to be different from the initial "Base" set.
    To modify JetSeat FX files with .uwv extension you can use specially designed UWVeditor app. To start it press the a button at SimShaker-Wings Launcher.

    Please read also this post.

    Using SimShaker - Wings with audio bass-shakers

    Bass-shakers support may be purchased as an option. The main idea here is that player can use both JetSeat and bass-shaker(s) in conjunction, getting more distinctive FXs, since JetSeat and bass-shakers have different vibration patterns. To achieve best sensation results I would recommend to "route" (by Gain sliders) some FXs to the JetSeat, some FXs to the bass-shaker(s), and some to the both devices.
    Of course, good results may be achieved with the only JetSeat or the bass-shaker(s) as well.

    Most of controls  seems to be self-explaining (at least for me), so I'd like to comment one of them.
    Max. Channels number defines how much audio channels to conduct.
    1 (mono) - very simple, is suitable if you operate just 1 bass-shaker.
    2 (stereo) - default value, is suitable if you operate 2 bass-shakers. I assume that bass-shakers are placed left and right from the player. Out of the box SimShaker is configured for such placement. But that may customized by the player.
    6 (or 5.1) - suitable if you operate from 3 to 6 bass-shakers. I assume that it mostly will be 4, placed on the corners of the player's rig. Out of the box SimShaker is configured for such placement, audio channels 1, 2, 5, 6 are in use. But that may be customized by the player as well. This (up to 6 channels support) option requires ASIO drivers for a sound card to be used (for instance, universal ASIO4All driver).

    Default set of sound samples is optimized for Buttkicker GR2 model, but it may be customized for other bass-shakers types and models by users and shared with other community members by any appropriate means. Please see my two-step "how to" instructions on the pictures below.

    Step 1. Making SimShaker - Wings to use customized samples (example for 2 channels configuration). Click to enlarge

    Note: SimShaker - Wings will load your customized files after restart. If no customized file found in the expected location, default file from sub-folders Base\1, or Base\2, or Base\6 will be used.

    Step 2. Customizing sound samples in free Audacity editor. Click to enlarge

    You can customize channels output position as well as some other sound wave attributes. Channels numbers correspond sound card outputs as listed below:
    1 - front left;
    2 - front right;
    3 - center *;
    4 - sub-woofer *;
    5 - rear left;
    6 - rear right.
    * - not used in default sound samples.

    To play with channels number and order I would recommend you to enable in the Audacity editor Use custom mix option as shown below.

    Click to enlarge
    Click to enlarge

    Please keep your customized files all in 32 bit float, 48 kHz sample rate format.

    If you asked me which sound card to use, I would recommend Asus Xonar DGX sound card, since I use this affordable sound card at my end and we could better understand each other in case of any issue occurs. In this case please check to be sure that Hi-Fi mode is enabled.

    I believe that very good results may be achieved with other types of sound cards, even with USB or HDMI ones, but in that case, you should "rely" on yourself a bit more.

    Known problems

    War Thunder Aviation

    • The game doesn't expose altitude above ground level, therefore some FXs may not work at all (Ground Bumps), some FX may not work correctly on the ground (for example, Stall for tail-draggers during run-up).
    • The game doesn't expose data about gun shells discharge, but data about trigger(s) pressed. Therefore Gun Fire FX will be played even if broadside ammunition is empty. 
    • The game may not expose data about the second weapon trigger for some aircrafts, even if the second weapon is presented. Therefore the second weapon Gun Fire FX may not work.
    • The game doesn't expose data about AoA in Arcade Air Battles. Therefore Stall FX will not work in Arcade Air Battles.
    • Some FX may continue during re-spawning since the game keeps exposing data as if the plane would be alive

    Beta Version Installation

    Beta version of SimShaker - Wings is a separate piece of software, but it shares settings and activations with the main version. You can find SimShaker - Wings beta version installer here.
    Important note: Beta versions of the software may contain a lot of errors and may not be fully backward compatible with the released version of SimShaker - Wings. I consider the beta version to be used mostly if a person is experienced enough in the computer area, to be able to help me in testing new features. If you are not sure, please, do not use beta versions, but use released (stable) versions of SimShaker - Wings. You can download SimShaker - Wing beta version installer here.


    If you have any questions left, please, contact me at Andre's, at SimShaker - Wings Facebook page, or in any other appropriate way.