Friday, August 25, 2017

SimShaker - Wheels beta version 2.15 published

Hi guys,
this time support for F1 2017 added. Please read SimShaker - Wheels User Guide in order to enable transmission of telemetry data from the game via UDP. This time I've decided to keep default Codemasters port 20777, since the game it seems allows to enable just one UDP transmitter to one port number. Hopefully this will provide compatibility with other telemetry data consumers.
Happy racing!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

SimShaker - Wings beta version 1.4 published

Hi guys,
I'd like to introduce you my new project SimShaker-Wings and its beta version 1.4, featuring FXs for Falcon BMS and War Thunder Aviation games.

The very first supported title in recently released version of SimShaker - Wings is Falcon BMS. That's why F-16 fighter is on the cover. As usually, you can find release version at our Downloads page, and you can buy a license in Andre's e-shop.

Beta version of SimShaker - Wings features War Thunder Aviation support. Not all FXs are available or precise in case of War Thunder due to limited available data amount available to extract from the game, but that's much-much better than nothing. As you may know a 32-bit War Thunder Aviation client features few native hard-coded  JetSeat effects, but a 64-bit War Thunder Aviation client  has nothing to play on Gametrix JetSeat.
I've found that native game FXs may interfere with SimShaker - Wings JetSeat effects and spoil each other in some cases, just not be surprised. The problems is not actual in case of 64-bit game client and/or bass-shakers FXs. If you have a 64-bit operation system you can switch between 32 and 64-bit modes in War Thunder launcher options.
You can find download link for beta version in the User Guide. That's a good reason to have a look on the manual before you start ;)

SimShaker - Wings software supports up to 6 bass-shakers along with the Gametrix JetSeat.
Bass-shakers support is an option to buy, which allows me to keep base SimShaker - Wings software price lower.

Well, you may ask, what's next in SimShaker - Wings? I have some sketches for Aerofly FS 2 and IL-2 Sturmovik CloD. That's in my short list.
Hopefully one day we (i.e. 3rd party devs) will be allowed to get data from IL-2 Sturmovik BoK(S,M).... We'll see.

Any questions left? Feel free to contact me via any appropriate way!
I think we can start discuss War Thunder FXs related questions in this thread.

Happy flying!