Friday, May 13, 2016

SimShaker '3 in 1' version 2.15 update

Hi pilots and racers,
here is a change-log for SimShaker '3 in 1' version:

  • DCS and Falcon BMS module updated up to version;
  • iRacing module autostart feature will react on DX11 version of the sim as well.

Have a good time with SimShaker!

SimShaker video review

Courtesy of Roie Gat

Thursday, May 12, 2016

SimShaker for DCS World and Falcon BMS update

Hi pilots,
we have a great update today. Here is the change log:
  • DCS and BMS: G-feeling effect constant minimum vibe fixed;
  • BMS: added F-16 JFS starter effect (as APU)
  • BMS: Shared Memory Reader app updated;
  • DCS: added effects for SA432 Gazelle;
  • DCS: G-feeling effect spreaded all over the planes;
  • DCS: added G-feeling effect for helos;
  • DCS: added UH-1H Touchdown effect;
  • DCS: added Mi-8MTV2 Gun and Payload Release/Launch effects;
  • DCS: KA-50 Landing Gear effect refactored;
  • DCS: KA-50 Doors Closed effect added;
  • DCS: helos Payload Release gain slider for Sound mode is fixed;
  • DCS: Dora engine beat effect gain adjusted (increased);
  • DCS: UDP connectino in SimShaker.lua renamed to avoid collisions with other 3rd parties applications;
  • DCS: small GUI improvements.
Note: since SimShaker checks for updates in background you will be prompted to update on the second launch.

Fly with pleasure!