Saturday, June 9, 2018

Российской Сим Конференции быть?

Привет, друзья!
Желающих принять участие в опросе и обсуждении относительно российской Сим Конференции прошу заглянуть сюда.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

SimShaker - Wheels beta version 2.38 published

Hi guys,

First of all, please, pay attention to the post below, regarding some Windows 10 April 2018 update issue and the way to overcome it.

New in this beta version:
1) A Tire Wear effect, based on 4 wheels telemetry data processing, added for RRRE instead of Wheel Slip/Wear effect. This is actually my first step towards 4 wheels telemetry data processing. (As you may know, currently most wheels related telemetry data inside SSW is processed by sides, i.e. left side wheels data combined and right side wheels data combined. )
I've selected RRRE as a first game to implement this effect since RRRE has a very accurate physics, a decent set of telemetry data and it's free-to-play, which allows everyone easily try the new effect out. I've temporarily designated the effect as "4 Tire Wear (RRRE)" to make accent on its nature and availability yet in RRRE only.

Correspondence between the car wheels and vibration zones by default:

1 - left front wheel
2 - right front wheel
3, 5 - left rear wheel
4, 6 - right rear wheel

1 bass-shaker mode
ch 1 - all 4 wheels

2 bass-shakers mode
ch 1 - left front wheel,  left rear wheel
ch 2  - right front wheel,  left rear wheel

6 bass-shakers mode
ch 1 - left front wheel
ch 2 - right front wheel
ch 5  - left rear wheel
ch 6  - right rear wheel

As always, a default pattern can be changed by editing samples, as described in SimShaker - Wheels User Guide. For this effect I used samples with symbolic names "l-front-wear","r-front-wear","l-rear-wear","r-rear-wear".

This new Tire Wear effect replaces old Wheel Slip/Wear effect in case of playing RRRE.

2) A Rumble Strips effect added for iRacing. The effect is based on Rumble Strips tone data provided by the game.

3) An error in Curbs & Bumpy Terrains enable/disable control is fixed for Project CARS1/2 and rFactor2/AMS.

Let's test it out. Looking forward for your feedback in our Facebook SimShaker-Wheels project group.