Friday, April 24, 2015

SimShaker module for Assetto Corsa motor sport simulator is ready to use!

Installed ClickOnce deployment version of SimShaker will be updated automatically.
If SimShaker is not installed at your PC yet, you can find it here.
Have fun with SimShaker effects!

SimShaker for Assetto Corsa user interface

Building a House

Ecosystem of tactile body force feedback solution

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Innovative body force feedback solution

Our solution for digital simulation is a combination of SimShaker software and Gametrix KW-90x hardware.

Want to know how it works?
SimShaker software receives row data from a simulator game, processes the data with inner logic and applies vibrations to user's body at appropriate time and place via vibrating cushion at user's chair.
Very simple. Very cool.

It  makes noise as little as electronic toothbrush;
It doesn't takes place at your room;
It already works with best air combat and motor sport consumer grade simulators;
It is fully customisable;
It goes at very affordable price;
It worth trying.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

ibaEffects update available

Howdy pilots,
another update is ready!

Tiny ibaStarter utility added to the project. You can start it by pressing AutoStart button at ibaEffects GUI. Once you pressed the button ibaEffects will be closed and ibaStarter will be started and placed at system tray.
The main ibaStarter's job is to watch after DCS World simulator. If DCS is launched, ibaStarter automatically launches ibaEffects in minimized window. If DCS is closed, ibaStarter closes ibaEffects in 15 seconds. ibaStarter menu is available by right click on iba icon at system tray. The menu includes following items:

  • Start ibaEffects — launches ibaEffects at normal (not automatic) mode;
  • Start UWVeditor — launches editor for .uwv files;
  • Settings — opens ibaStarter settings window.
  • Exit — closes ibaStarter.

  • ibaStarter settings window

    Other changes:

    • minor ibaEffects GUI improvement was made, 
    • Test button returned according to Lordus request, 
    • iba JetSeat Handler bug causes application crash when JetSeat is not connected fixed.
    So, have a good time with ibaEffects, don't worry, fly with pleasure ))

    Thursday, April 2, 2015

    SimShaker for motor sport simulation

    Howdy, guys!

    We are glad to present you a piece of software, creating additional effects for the famous motor sport simulation game Our team has managed to link together and Gametrix KW-908 (901, 905) JetSeat device.  Our five additional vibro-effects are going to help you feel your car as good as never before!

    SimShaker GUI
    UDP JetSeat Handler Light is used to provide
    connectivety with the hardware
    Racing effects can be customised by Sensitivity, Multipler or Gain sliders and On/Off checkboxes. Settings may be saved as Presets into .xml files. Vibration files ( including massage program) can be easily edited via UWVeditor utility.

    Editor utility for vibro-effects .uwv files GUI
    All mentioned above software is free to use. You can get the links for downloading at our Downloads page.
    System requirements for SimShaker:
    – Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1;
    – .Net Framework 4.5 or above;
    – Gametrix JetSeat Control Panel software installed .

    If you’d like to get brand new Gametrix KW-908 (-905, -901) JetSeat device for affordable price  please feel free to contact me at simmer's forums or through the Contact form at the right navigation pane.