Saturday, April 11, 2015

ibaEffects update available

Howdy pilots,
another update is ready!

Tiny ibaStarter utility added to the project. You can start it by pressing AutoStart button at ibaEffects GUI. Once you pressed the button ibaEffects will be closed and ibaStarter will be started and placed at system tray.
The main ibaStarter's job is to watch after DCS World simulator. If DCS is launched, ibaStarter automatically launches ibaEffects in minimized window. If DCS is closed, ibaStarter closes ibaEffects in 15 seconds. ibaStarter menu is available by right click on iba icon at system tray. The menu includes following items:

  • Start ibaEffects — launches ibaEffects at normal (not automatic) mode;
  • Start UWVeditor — launches editor for .uwv files;
  • Settings — opens ibaStarter settings window.
  • Exit — closes ibaStarter.

  • ibaStarter settings window

    Other changes:

    • minor ibaEffects GUI improvement was made, 
    • Test button returned according to Lordus request, 
    • iba JetSeat Handler bug causes application crash when JetSeat is not connected fixed.
    So, have a good time with ibaEffects, don't worry, fly with pleasure ))