Wednesday, March 27, 2019

SimShaker - Wings beta v.1.19 published featuring IL-2 Great Battles support

Hi guys,
in this version support for IL-2 Great Battles and JetSeat Race edition added.

Currently a couple of motion-platform-wise effects are implemented accordingly to provided by the IL-2 game telemetry. To be continued.

To make the  IL-2 game to send the telemetry outside, please, insert (or update) a section in game “data/startup.cfg” file as below:

[KEY = motiondevice]
    addr = ""
    decimation = 2
    enable = true
    port = 29373

JetSeat Race edition support may be selected in Output options of SimShaker - Wings main window by a radio button.

You can find the link pointing to beta version in the very end of SimShaker - Wings User Guide.

Happy flying!