Friday, June 28, 2019

SimShaker - Wheels beta version 3.9 published featuring F1 2019 support

Hi guys,
today's update features F1 2019 support. Version 3.9 automatically recognizes and supports "Legacy", "2018" and "2019" formats. You can select any format in the F1 2019 game UDP telemetry settings, but "2019" is a recommended one.
Essential difference between "2018" and "2019" telemetry in terms of SimShaker - Wheels is an added terrain type tyres are contacting.
Good news is that more and more titles include those data in their telemetry sets. Hence SimShaker - Wheels "Curbs and Bumpy Terrains" effect becomes less specific as a specific game attribute at the second tab. To eliminate number of duplicated controls I  decided to move this effect to the first tab and rename it to "Surface Type Based Effects". You can find it now under "More Options" for "Road Surface" effect controls.
If there is no support of this effect for a particular game provided then "More Options" control will not be visible and vice versa. When moving the effect I took as a basis existing settings for Project CARS1/2 effect. For some other titles like iRacing, rFactor2, Automobilista, KartKraft, Forza you should probably re-adjust that effect settings.

Please note that actually "Road Surface" and "Surface Type Based" effects remain independent from each other. If you disable one of them the other may continue to work.

You can find beta version download link in SimShaker - Wheels User Guide.

If you'd like to use stable SimShaker - Wheels version 3.6 with F1 2019 please read this post.

Happy Formula One racing!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

SimShaker - Wheels beta version 3.8 published featuring 2 modern Forza titles support

Hi guys,
in this version:

  • added support for Forza Motorsport 7 and Horizon 4 UDP telemetry;
  • some improvements in logging system and GUI (graphical user interface).

A bit more about Forza UDP telemetry since that is something. If you purchase the game in Microsoft Store it adheres to Microsoft Windows 8-10 modern apps safety rules and technics like Network Isolation, App Container and may be some more other stuff like that. In brief for game users it means that localhost data streaming (i.e. traffic inside the PC) will be blocked as it claimed here. You can add a local loopback address and 29373 as a destination IP address and port, as we usually do in some other games, but actually no packets will be sent from the game. Well, this is an official Microsoft policy. According to it you should run Forza game and app consuming data via a network protocol on different devices. Hence, if you run the game on Xbox and run SimShaker - Wheels app on a PC in your home local network it should be fine. Just add your PC IP-address and port 29373 as destination point for telemetry packets, select appropriate game mode at SimShaker - Wheels 3rd tab (not Auto), allow firewall software adding a rule for this traffic and enjoy the game.
If you run the game and SimShaker - Wheels on the same PC most likely it will not work, since the only way existing to obtain telemetry from the game is currently a UDP network protocol, wich traffic inside the PC will be blocked.
Although there is a workaround. For developing and debugging purposes Microsoft provides an ability to unblock this traffic with a special built-in command-line tool CheckNetIsolation. It may be useful but not very convenient.
There is another enabling loopback tool by Eric Lawrence featuring a graphical interface, which makes this task much more easier to do. You just need to select Forza app in the list, mark it, press "Save Changes" button and quit the app.
Please bear in mind that Microsoft recommends it for for testing or debugging purposes only.

click to enlarge
Well, enough reading such a boring stuff.
Let's give it a shot and have a great racing weekend!

Once again the most essential part: use IP-address and port 29373 in settings for the game on the same PC and your PC with installed SimShaker - Wheels IP-address (it may be like for example) and port 29373 for the game running on the console.
Game mode selector at the 3rd SimShaker - Wheels tab may be Auto or Forza for the same PC-based game and must be Forza for Xbox-based game.

Monday, June 17, 2019

SimShaker - Wheels beta version 3.7 published featuring KartKraft support

Hi guys,
new in this version:

  • KartKraft support added;
  • SimShaker - Wheels-Launcher option Run As Administrator added, it may be helpful for some kinds of troubleshooting;

In order to enable KartKraft sending UDP telemetry to SimShaker - Wheels please add those strings into your %localappdata%\project_k\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini file


To easily reach that file press Win+ R keys, insert %localappdata%\project_k\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor into a textbox popped up and press Enter key.

Let's give it a try!
Please pay attention to KartKraft related Curbs & Bumpy Terrain controls at SimShaker - Wheels second tab.