Sunday, October 20, 2019

SimShaker - Wings beta v.1.25 published featuring Sound Sensor

Hi guys,
Sound Sensor is a free-to-use feature which allows you to bring JetSeat into play in both sound intercept and telemetry driven modes at the same time via USB. You can take game sound peaks based effect and combine it with telemetry based effects.

You can use sound peaks based effect only with any PC game as well.

Ten digital filters let you to filter out undesired sounds, like Team Speak chattering for example.
If you've got more than one compatible with Sound Sensor sound card installed, you can audibly control the filtered sound to achieve better results. Please bear in mind that filters usage creates some additional load to the CPU, so the filters are disabled by default.

click to enlarge the picture

If the autoupdate fails you can uninstall beta SimShaker - Wings v.1.24 and use this file to force the update process.

Happy flying!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

SimShaker - Wings v.1.24 published as stable

Hi guys,
new features since last stable version 1.17:

  • support for IL-2 Great Battles and 
  • support for JetSeat Race edition;
  • simple Engine Beat effect for War Thunder aviation and Falcon BMS;
  • optional UDP packets re-transmission to an arbitrary IP address and port.

Fixed a bug when after leaving a buttle in War Thunder Aviation vibration continued;

Happy flying!