Tuesday, August 18, 2015

'SimShaker 3 in 1' updated. Version 2.9

Hi pilots!
'SimShaker 3 in 1' is now powered with the latest DCS World modules,
providing 142 effects at 20 airframes.

Have a great time with SimShaker!

Friday, August 14, 2015

SimShaker for DCS World update - hotfix for F-15C

Hi pilots!
This update fixes  F-15C-related error in SimShaker.
Sorry for making you nervous and wasting your time instead of flying.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

SimShaker for DCS World update - hotfix for A-10C

Hi pilots!
This update fixes an error in SimShaker.lua script for A-10C.
Sorry for making you nervous.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SimShaker for DCS World Update

Hi pilots!
Good news! Another update is published!
Main changes were made as follows:
1) Added an opportunity to auto configure SimShaker.lua and Export.lua scripts for Steam and Open Beta versions of DCS World. See "Lua Scripts Management" options at SimShaker Service tab page.
2) Russian GUI localization is not presented any more due to complexity to maintain multi languages GUI in its current state. I'm sorry guys.
- Added Gun Fire effect at Bf-109K4. Cannon fire effect, unfortunately, not available at present due to a sim data export issue. Reported, waiting ED team to fix the issue. Sound file p2_6_13_1.wav renamed into p3_6_4_1.wav.
3) Payload release effect added at Bf-109K4.
4) Stall shudders effect at MiG-21bis improved. On my opinion it became more accurate.
5) Landing Gears movement rumbles added at MiG-21bis.
6) False rumbles when warning lights checking or DC battery switching on at MiG-21 eliminated. Thanks Huub (hsth) for his friendly feedback and track.
7) False rumbles when battery switching on at Ka-50 eliminated.
8) APU running vibe effect added at KA-50. Robert, I'm sorry for a huge delay.
9) SimShaker for DCS World English GUI improved.
Have a great time in DCS World with SimShaker!