Friday, July 27, 2018

SimShaker - Wheels beta version 2.39 published

Hi guys,
new in this beta version:
  • Added checkbox "Sound Card Exclusive Control" in Audio Parameters group.
  • Exclusive control over the sound card by default is now disabled. You may want to enable it back again, since it may reduce latency in the sound card.
  • Activation form minor improvements made: prevention of extra activation spent when Activate button is double clicked; auto trimming of the key field content trailing and leading white spaces.
  • Game Mode Selection added to Advanced Tab. By default it's set to "Auto".
  • rFactor-wise games (rFactor 1/2, AMS, Stock Car Extreme): Wheel Slip/Wear effect  is re-factored to process all 4 wheels data in order to provide better accuracy. Currently it's called 4 Tire Wear effect. See also this my post.
  • Project CARS 1/2: added 4 Tire Wear effect, based on 4 wheels telemetry data processing. Legacy Wheel Slip* effect is still available. I'm not sure you will want to have both effects simultaneously, I suggest you should make a choice and adjust your setting.
Let's give it a shot!

* - for this effect telemetry data inside SSW is still processed by sides, i.e. left side wheels data combined and right side wheels data combined.