Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Windows 10 April 2018 Update issue blocks SimShaker software to start after update. What to do?

Edit: currently that bug seems to be already fixed in Windows since summer 2018.

Hi guys,
looks like updated Windows 10  has a bug in its Windows Defender Smart Screen treatment of ClickOnce type applications, which SimShakers belong to. Instead of warning a user it just blocks an application.

Today, after updating SimShaker for Aviators beta version the application stopped working.
In spite of  protecting my PC with Avast, but not Windows Defender, I had to go to Windows Defender Security Center, select App & browser control section and temporarily switch Check app and files option from Warn to Off in order to solve the problem. At the next attempt of starting  SimShaker I got the warning window and was able to permit the application to start. I also unchecked "Always ask..." box at warning window to prevent the application from the following checks.

After restoring security Check app and files option back from Off  to Warn SimShaker still was able to start.

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To see if your computer is affected by the issue, please, go to Windows settings and look for Windows 10 version installed

Monday, May 14, 2018

SimShaker for Aviators doesn't ship SimShaker Sound Module since version

If you use  SimShaker Sound Module, please, download its updated version from this page, install and select it in SimShaker for Aviators drop-down list.

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