Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SimShaker - Wheels (beta version 0.9): presets feature added

The feature is intended for saving and using player defined settings with different games, tracks, cars, etc...
Out of the box 'SimShaker - Wheels' is provided with default 'Preset1'. You can modify it and save, using your own names.
At startup the last loaded preset will be used.
Controls state changes will be saved to currently used preset on application close.

In the nearest plans

  • to add support for F1 2016;
  • to port in iRacing and Asseto Corsa modules from SimShaker '3 in 1'.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016

SimShaker '3 in 1' version 2.16 update

Hi guys,
'3 in 1' variant of SimShaker  has been updated:

  • DCS and Falcon BMS module: updated up to version;
  • iRacing module: error when driving Formula Renault 2.0 car is fixed;
  • Asseto Corsa module: added a guard for engine beat effect timer to prevent popping up errors*;
  • UWVeditor: minor improvements done.

Have a good time with SimShaker!

 Driving iRacing Formula Renault 2.0
* - I couldn't reproduce that issue at my end, but added an internal software guard. Probably further testing and debugging is needed.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

SimShaker for DCS World and Falcon BMS update

Hi guys, it's time to update again!
In version
  • DCS: added support for Gazelle Mistral;
  • DCS: improved Gun effect for A-10C, F-15C (smooth rumble);
  • DCS: fixed ground effects;
  • DCS: fixed improved P-51 gun firing effect in Sound Module. Thanks Jorge Ossorio for the feedback.
Note: since SimShaker checks for updates in background you will be prompted to update on the second launch.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

SimShaker for DCS World and Falcon BMS update

Hi guys, it's time to update!
New in version
added support for DCS F5-E;
added experimental  F-5 jet engine rumble effect, available for JetSeat users yet only;
added  F-5 wheel blocking when braking effect;
added  F-5 nose gear hiking effect;
some minor bugs fixed.

Fly with pleasure :)