Gametrix JetSeat / SimShaker JetPad User Guide

Hardware Requirements

  •  OS Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7/Windows Vista® / Windows XP
  •  Available USB port and/or 3.5 mm jack sound output
  •  64 MB of RAM memory or higher
  •  32 MB free hard disk space
  •  Internet connection for downloading software

Controls and Connectors

Figure 1. JetSeat control unit

Figure 2. JetSeat vibrating pad

Assembly and Installation Instructions

  1. Attach the JetSeat to a chair using straps
  2. Connect the JetSeat control unit by means of DIN connectors
  3. Connect the AC/DC power adapter to the JetSeat and AC network
  4. Set JetSeat On/Off switch to ON
  5. Download and install Gametrix JetSeat Control Panel and Massage applications
  6. Connect JetSeat USB connector into a PC USB port.

Activation Of The Feedback Modes

1. USB mode

That's a default mode. It can be used with World of Tanks, War Thunder Aviation 32 bit clients or any SimShaker software. You can find a list of compatible game titles here.

2. Sound Intercept mode

You can use JetSeat in its Sound Intercept mode with any game (not only PC game, but actually at any device with 3.5 mm sound output). 
1) Plug JetSeat's 3.5 mm male jack into your device sound output (as if it was a Buttkicker amplifier),
2) plug a headset or speakers into JetSeat's 3.5 mm female jack,
3) press and hold MODE button at JetSeat's control unit for 3 seconds. LED color changes. Wait about 10 seconds for changes to take effect. That's it.
Further steps: adjust vibration level by rotating a big black dial at the control unit or via JetSeat Control Panel App.
Caution: keep your ears safe against too much loud sound while setting it up.

3. FFB joystick mode

Please refer to my Tips&Tricks page, trick #1.

Safety Precautions

This device is not a toy. It is designed for use by adults. Keep it away from children. If the product was supplied at a temperature below freezing, allow it to warm up first in (16-25 °ะก) for 3 hours. Protect the product from moisture, liquids, or expose it to high temperatures and mechanical stress. Normal temperature for storage and use of the product is +5 °C to +40 °C, without condensation. If you are not using gaming vibration pad for an extended period, unplug the AC/DC power adapter from the electrical outlet. Do not open the product. You risk the danger of electric shock when connected to the electrical grid. For questions related to the maintenance or replacement of a defective product, please contact me.


If your Gametrix JetSeat suddenly looks dead, pleas try to follow these simple steps:
1) Try to reload JetSeat firmware as described here.
2) If you have disconnected remote control unit recently, please check that all 13 pins in the DIN connector are fine.
3) If you have a voltmeter, check that the power supply unit provides 12 Volts DC on its output plug.

Please note that Gametrix controller has no power indicator. Two-colors LED is just a selected mode indicator.

If still no luck, please contact me.

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