Sound Module User Guide

This document is outdated. Please find actual SimShaker Sound Module User Guide here.

SimShaker for DCS World and Falcon BMS and its successor SimShaker for Aviators feature Sound Module paywear addon to produce vibration effects by playing special low frequency sound samples through bass shaker devices (transducers).
Important Note: the Sound Module works only with flight simulators.

The addon is already presented in SimShaker distributing package. You can not download and install it separately from its base software. To start using Sound Module in its free Demo mode please select options as shown below.

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If you want to use both transducer(s) and JetSeat, please tick Simultaneous Output checkbox.
Moving gain level sliders right and left you can route some effects to JetSeat only or to transducer(s) only.

Since Sound Module uses some network protocols, your Windows Firewall probably pops up security alert messages regarding this new application. I such a case please select "Allow access" option.

Free Demo mode

In Demo mode only Ground Bumps and Stall Shudders effects are available. That lets you to check your hardware compatibility with Sound Module.
Imoprtant Note: The Sound Module is a payware addon. You can buy the right to use its full set of effect here. To get an authorization key please press Get Authorization Key button and follow directions on a form popped up.

Sound Module running in Demo Mode

Basic setup

  1. Select your transducer tied sound card in drop-down list. Generally it should be a dedicated one, to allow us not mix special low frequency sounds with game sounds.
  2. If you have 2 transducers for left and right sound channels, please select transducers number.
  3. Press [Play] button to test low frequency sound output and setup a max level at your amplifier.
  4. Go test flight.
If you have your amplifier overloaded or clipping while Sound Module produces several effects simultaneously, usually while stall or afterburner mode, try to reduce Volume value in Sound Module Misc Settings.

Sound Module running in Full Set Mode

The base model, being used for tests while developing, was BK Gamer 2. Here some recommendations for BK users how to properly setup sound mode.

1. At your BK Amp switch off both Low and High cutoff filters.
2. At Sound Module GUI play Test sound (it's 7 seconds long) and setup up the BK Amp volume level to make red (Clip) lamp barely flash. That's our max level.
3. At SimShaker GUI set all planes sliders to 50%.

Advanced setup. How to fine tune sound samples to fit your simulation rig

1. Tick Use My Own .WAV Files check-box at Sound Module GUI.

2. Create a folder for your sound samples.
In the folder you will find my samples, copied there by SimShaker.

3. Feel free to edit them with, for instance, Audacity free sound editor. You can download Audacity here.
Tip: to save your changes into .wav file in Audacity use File -> Export... option.

4. After reloading Sound Module you can try out your own samples, selecting them in drop-down list (see screenshot above) and pressing Play button. You can also adjust how many times the sample to be test played.

5. If you don't like the result, just remove the file in your folder and restart Sound Module from SimShaker's Service tab-page. Removed file will be replaced with a file from stock.

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If you need some more information or have any questions, please, don't hesitate to join our dedicated discussion thread at ED forum.