Tuesday, November 21, 2017

SimShaker - Wings beta v.1.11 published

Hi guys,
this version supports PC Version for Microsoft Windows of  AeroFly FS 2 and features 6 effects:
  • G-Force, 
  • Ground Bumps, 
  • Landing Gear, 
  • Speed Air Break,
  • Flaps Induced Shudders (added), 
  • Stall (added).
Talking about added Flaps and Stall FXs. 
Aerofly FS 2 reports VFE,VS0, VS1 speeds. If you extract flaps at the speed higher than VFE the Flaps FX will be activated. And if you fly at the speed lower than reported VS0, VS1 speeds Stall FX will be activated, taking into account a plane configuration.

There are some general GUI improvements:
  • Every single FX can be easily enabled/disabled by a checkbox along with its header. That may be very useful while fine tuning, when you might want to adjust FXs one by one. Using the checkbox you can keep untouched already adjusted gain sliders.
  • Every FX has its own activity indicator, that looks like an LED. If the FX becomes active LED becomes green. On my opinion that may improve general situation awareness.
  • More Options ( > ) buttons have slightly changed their locations due to adding new GUI elements.
Let's test it out!