Tips & Tricks

trick #1

If you'd like to make JetSeat vibe cushion work with IL-2 Sturmovik (versions produced by Oleg Meddox (including CloD), but not by Albert Zhiltsov/Jason Williams (BoX, CloD Blitz)) try to do as follows.
  1. Download ForceFeedback driver and install it.
  2. Open JetSeat Contol Panel application, press and hold Left Ctrl plus Left Shift keys and click Gametrix logo as shown below.

  3. Tick Alternative mode checkbox and click Apply button as shown below.

  4. Check to be sure in your sim setting that FFB effects are switched on.
  5. Go flight.
Note 1: there are at least two different versions of FFB implemtations. JetSeat ForceFeedback driver supports only one of them.
Note 2: you can use this utility to check if your vibe cushion works as FFB device.

tip #1

During OnceClick application installation or update process antiviral software (Symantec Endpoint Protection, Dr.Web, etc.) may block files download. They shouldn't, but they do. In such case we recommend temporarily switch off protection.

tip #2

If you set Sound mode in the Jetseat Control Panel app and press the Apply button, JetSeat will remember Sound mode as default, when the seat's switched on.

See also JetSeat Firmware reload procedure