Sunday, June 7, 2015

'SimShaker for DCS World' update adds vibe effect for DCS:MiG-21bis and some bug fixes

MiG-21bis landing gear  control handle and lights
Landing Gear Retract/Expand vibe effect added for MiG-21bis;

AutoStart feature not working with DCS Multiplayer bug fixed;

Export Autotune feature now can handle situation when Saved Games folder had been moved by the user to another location;

To AutoStarter Settings added possibility to cancel 'Hello' ballon when AutoStarter shown;

Black Shark Ka-50 Gun Fire effect bug fixed;

Nose Landing Gear effect bug at A-10C, Ka-50 fixed and vibrations for Landing Gear effect at A-10C, Ka-50 refactored.

NOTE: Gun Fire effect does not work at MiG-21bis. The bug is known, will be fixed soon.
After update, please, check your custom settings, it might be reseted to default values.