Saturday, November 7, 2015

SimShaker for DCS World update — plus six effects for L-39C

Hi pilots,
an update is published. Here is a change log:
  • Olaf (f4l0) took part in SimShaker development and provided us with a bunch of L-39C effects: Speedbrake shudders, LG up/down, Stall, Payload release, Flaps and Canopy movement;
  • Su-33 Afteburner effect (both mono and stereo) added at Sound Module;
  • FW-190D9 Gun Fire stereo effect added at Sound Module;
  • Shared export.lua file usage conflict with TacView fixed;
Many thanks to Olaf !
Have a great time with SimShaker!

Gametrix KW-908 on Martin Baker Mk.2 jet seat
Courtesy of Christian Noetzli