Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SimShaker for DCS World and Falcon BMS update

Hi guys, it's time to update!
In version

  • Sound Module: fixed 'reduce volume' errors for "Missile launch/gun fire - left side" and "Stall Shudders" effects;
  • Sound Module: added looped sound play for AB effects, DCS A-10C gun fire should feel more smooth now;
  • SimShaker: added forced log to screen feature and 'Copy Log to Clipboard' button;
  • SimShaker: added indication of enabled/disabled IC Safe Mode in log to screen;
  • SimShaker: DCS World IC Safe mode script management improved;
  • DCS Mi-8: added some more effects;
  • DCS A-10C: added pylon jettison effect;
  • DCS Steam players will be able to locate DCSWorld folder manually if it wasn't found by SimShaker.
Have a great time with SimShaker!