Friday, September 23, 2016

SimShaker for DCS World and Falcon BMS update

Hi guys, it's time to update!
In version
  • LoGetAircraftDrawArgumentValue(n) function is used, to provide both Integrity Check safety and the full set of effects. Currently the function is supported in DCS World public Release, Steam, open Beta and open Alpha versions;
  • DCS World script management is simplified, IC Safe Mode switch is not needed  any more;
  • DCS BS2 Ka-50 gun effect improved;
This SimShaker version was refactored to work with a new DC Export API function, which is available since DCS World versions and, and later. That let us to keep effects working in MP mode as well as in SP mode. If you are going to use some old verisons of DCS World, please skip this SimShaker update.
You can also revert back to a previous SimShaker version after update via Control Panel -> Programms and Features - > Change.
While using in MP mode, SimShaker version requires Player's Export to be allowed on the server.

Have a great time with SimShaker!