Saturday, July 18, 2015

SimShaker for DCS World Update

Hi pilots! Another week is coming to its end and, as usual,  we have something to deal with at the weekend!
SimShaker for DCS World version changes:
  • Sound Module (beta) was integrated into SimShaker distributive package. To start Sound Module (beta) automatically along with SimShaker please tick appropriate checkbox at SimShaker Service tab page. You don't need to launch stand alone Sound Module (alfa) version any more. All contributors can get authorization code for free. Without entering the key Sound Module (beta) will run at Demo mode, playing just Ground Bumps effect for all DCS World planes and KA-50.
  • Speedbrake shudders effect was improved. Vibration now fades in and out according to board(s) position. Thanks Kuky for his feedback.
  • Landing Gear Up/Down effect for A-10C was enriched with sophisticated logic, giving us the feeling of moving gears and locking them up and down. Thanks EntropySG and f4l0 for their feedback.

Sound Module (beta) changes:
  • Sound levels adjusted — cannon (gun) fire effect volume decreased, MiG21bis afterburner effect volume increased. Thanks Kuky and rcjonessnp175 for their feedback.
  • Demo and Full Set of Effects modes were implemented.
  • Authorization form was added.
Have a great time with SimShaker!

3 easy steps towards authorization string