Saturday, July 4, 2015

SimShaker and Sound Module Update

Hi pilots!
I'm glad to present you this weekend SimShaker version changes:
  • Preparing to serve more DLC modules:
    Piston engine planes were moved to a separate tab page.
    A tab page for very special effects like MiG-21bis SPS or Su-33 Wings Fold/Unfold was added.
    Internal code structure optimisation was made. Please check your customized settings for piston engine planes.
  • SimShaker displayed Gain Level sliders range was changed from "-50... 50" to "0 ... 100"%.
    Note: you don't need to re-adjust levels.
  • For MiG21-bis, Ka-50, A-10C when nose gear is damaged and its green light became dim Ground Bumps effect stopping is fixed.
  • Jetseat Handler crash while FC3 planes landing gear moving is fixed.
  • Engine Run and MW injection effects added for Bf-109 K-4.
Sound Module changes:
  • Ground Bumps and Touchdown sound files were strengthened a bit (thanks Geert (geert ) for feedback).
Have fun!

Music of the sky by N.Anisimov