Saturday, September 12, 2015

SimShaker for DCS World update

Hi pilots!
Another update is published!
There was a plenty of work done. Here is a full list.
  1. Lua Script Management is fully automated now. You don't have a need to handle lua files any more. 
  2. VRS effect at helos adjusted a bit, air speed threshold increased from 30 km/h up to 80 km/h.
  3. Planes and helos touchdown rumbling effect redesigned.
  4. Bug at Su-33 effects fixed. 
  5. Stall Shudders sound sample p1_9_0_1.wav for Sound Module replaced.
  6. Auto Starter form redesigned.
  7. Sound Mode effects revised using Buttkickers. Thanks Edin (Kuky) for testing with Buttkicker Simulation Kit, friendly feedback and support . See also recommended settings for Buttkicker users.
    Most of Soud Module files were changed, except these ones: Click.wav, h_2_0_1.wav, hp_4_0_2.wav, hp_5_0_x.wav, hp_5_0_y.wav, hp_5_0_z.wav,  p2_2_0_1.wav.
    Some .uwv files were changed also.
    Added gun fire samples p3_6_1_1.uwv and p3_6_1_1.wav. Both files belong to P-51D, her former samples name (p2_6_9_1) is used for MiG-15bis now.
  8. Icon colors were changed for better distinction of SimShaker modules in Windows task bar.
  9. Sound Mode: Wheels roll rumbling at runway increased for speed above 150 km/h.
  10. Added 37 mm cannon fire effect for MiG-15bis. Public version of DCS World doesn't provide information about 23 mm cannon shells remaining, can't make effect.
  11. Added payload release bump for MiG-15bis.
  12. Added high AoA shudders effect for MiG-15bis.
  13. Added landing gear extend/retract effect for MiG-15bis.
  14. Added speedbrakes shudders effect for MiG-15bis.
  15. Added slight canopy open/close moving effect for MiG-15bis.
  16. Added seat ejection effect for MiG-15bis.
  17. Added Show Flight Data window (contains true air speed (TAS), altitude above ground (AAGL), altitude above sea level (AASL), angle of attack (AoA) values and helps me to fly unfamiliar airframes). This window can be made visible when you fly, if in DCS World Full Screen option is uncheked.

Have a great time with SimShaker!